A different kind of genealogy group

The Rogue Genealogist is an online community designed specifically for genealogy outsiders. It was founded in recognition of the need for a welcoming and supportive place for those who often feel left out, overlooked, or out of place in more typical genealogy societies. As members of the Gen X and Gen Y generations, we will likely appeal the most to this age group. However, we realize to focus solely on this age group is to leave out those from other generations who feel the same way as members of this group, as well as over-generalizes the Gen X and Gen Y generations.

Who are the genealogy outsiders? The rogue genealogists? We consider rogue genealogists to be those who are misfits, rebels, and dreamers. Those who can be in a room surrounded by others who share a passion for genealogy, but still feel disconnected or they don’t fit in. Those who are not afraid to challenge the status quo when needed, who see things differently than most, and who do not shy away from asking questions about how and why things are done.

In addition to providing a welcoming community, the Rogue Genealogist offers support in a variety of aspects. We want this to be a safe home base where our members can grow as genealogists, feel empowered to continue their research, and feel empowered to become active participants, if not leaders, within the overall genealogy community.

We believe that a sense of community is created by a group’s members and fostered by its leaders. But we are not stopping at just striving to create a sense of community. We want to create a sense of home, a sense of “this where is I belong.” We believe in order to achieve this that we need to have a different approach to how we measure success and leadership. This is not a group for everyone and we are not trying to appeal to the masses. For us, success is defined by the significance and quality of the impact made on the individual members, not by how many people join. We believe that the leaders should be accessible, approachable, and visible. No man behind the curtain here. No red tape and needless procedures to slow down the decision-making process and ultimately delay putting things into action.

Even though we are unorthodox and do not shy away from questioning “the way things are,” we do not go about things differently just for the sake of being different. Standards in the field of genealogy serve a very important purpose. They not only ensure the integrity of research, but the ability of current and future researchers to evaluate and continue that work. We want to encourage the kind of excellence and scholarship that has kept genealogy a viable and respectable area of study all these years. We advocate the use of the Genealogical Proof Standard and endeavor to assist our members in understanding how to implement this into their research. We also encourage the integration of practices employed by the field of history into genealogical research.

The Rogue Genealogist will be a strong advocate for the preservation and open access to records vital to our research. We feel these aspects are just as important as methodology.

If this resonates with you, then check out our Join page to learn more and become a member of our community.