Weaving history & genealogy into a narrative about our past…

What makes me a Rogue Genealogist?

  • My views on leadership. I do not believe that leaders who have locked themselves away in ivory towers or barricaded themselves behind arcane rules and the status quo are effective or inspiring.
  • Sadly, I must list my desire to have genuine impact. Too frequently I’ve encountered those who seek out volunteer or leadership positions in order to bolster their resume first, contribute second.
  • I am an introvert, specifically an INFJ. This impacts a variety of things including how I interact with people, how I approach problems, and how I view the world in general.
  • I also have one foot planted firmly in the genealogy field and one foot planted firmly in the history field. You’d be surprised to find what an awkward position this can be, particularly since I refuse to hold one field above the other. Rather, I believe each field can be improved by borrowing from techniques the other employs.

Now onto the typical biography you were probably expecting….

Kassie Nelson is an independent historian who specializes in the American West. In December of 2013, she received her Masters of Arts in History from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Her groundbreaking thesis, We Are Now in Indian Territory: Men and Women’s Views of Indians along the Overland Trail, explored the complex and at times divergent manners in which the different genders viewed Indians while they migrated west along the trail system.

Kassie’s current research project is “The Prince of the Upper Missouri: Captain James McGarry.”  It will be the most extensively researched biography of an Upper Missouri River steamboat captain written in over 100 years. For this project, Kassie also received the Independent Research and Creative Works Award from the Charles Redd Center.Her project was also recently featured in the newspaper, The Great Falls Tribune.

Kassie Nelson - co-founder of The Rogue GenealogistKassie enjoys supporting genealogy and history focused organizations. She served as the historian for the Pi Nu Chapter (UNK chapter) of Phi Alpha Theta, the National History Honor Society, for the 2014-2015 term. She also previously served as Vice President of Outreach for the NextGen Genealogy Network, an organization she established, and served as President of the Association of Professional Genealogists’ Great Plains Chapter.

In addition to all things history and genealogy, Kassie is a movie buff, loves photography, calligraphy, baking, and travelling. Her family loves to “get out and about,” frequently going on hikes, picnics, fishing trips, and of course tracking down a good antique mall or two. You can follow Kassie’s personal blog at: rpresearch.wordpress.com.